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Part one: If it is true that the earliest humans developed about a million years ago, then, bodies moving to a beat—i.e., dancing—is hundreds of thousands of years older than the dawn of recorded history around 3500 BC. Prehistoric humans banged on sticks, stones and animal skins while chanting and gyrating to the rhythms. These are the oldest forms of human artistic expression—Music and Dance—creating and moving to rhythmic beats.

Part 2: The fact that every culture around the world developed its own music & dance makes them the most essential, primal and universal art forms. The question is which was first, music or dancing? Most would say the music, because without the sounds people probably wouldn’t move. But, the opposite might also be true, that human beings just naturally wanted to wiggle their bodies, so they used rhythmic beating and chants to backbone their creative movements! It was probably like most things, though, a combination of both! R.B.

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